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Meditation aims to quieten the mind.  Learn to create space between thoughts  to connect you with your intuition and listen for the call of your soul.

You will learn techniques that can be built on and used daily allowing for peace and clarity to be the platform when addressing the challenges that life offers.

Each individual weekly meditation session is different and will be intuited to meet the needs of those present using a combination of techniques.

Create a weekly routine that places you on top of your to do list.

Support yourself, fuel the soul with a regular mediation practice.

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Meditation Classes

1 Hour Causal Class


5 Class Session Pack


10 Class Session Pack


Meditation Course 6 Weeks


We have a variety of classes and times available for your convenience

Meditation Course Wed 10.00am – 12.30pm (6 weeks)
Weekly Meditation Tuesday Evening   7.45pm –  8.30pm
Weekly Meditation Thursday Morning  11.15am – 12.00pm

Places are limited to ensure personalised experience bookings are essential

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