How are you feeling right now? I am feeling tired and am hearing a lot, “I’m tired”. Don’t despair the energies around at the moment are reminding us to go inward. Currently we are in Mercury retrograde as well as most other planets in retrograde, we are about to experience the longest night of the winter solstice and a solar eclipse not to mention the new moon.  All these things bring with them their own issues let alone the karma that goes with it! What does this mean in short; Stop! Allow yourself to catch up with all the changes you have been undertaking, known and unknown.  

At this time, it is best to be quiet and reverent and allow your physical body to catch up with what your subtle bodies have been up to thus far in 2020.  It seems the shutdown has been preparation for this time of quiet reflection.  Take time to look back and reflect at the changes you have made over the last 3 or so months and allow your body mind and spirit to integrate all these new ways. The new moon on this day also paves the way for the new you. 

If you are struggling to keep up with these energetic changes we are here to help.  You might be feeling particularly stressed or valuable, tired or headachy, have digestive disturbances among a myriad of other niggles you might be experiencing.  On the other hand, you might find objectionable or argumentative conversations taking place in rather benign situations.  It’s okay, these are all normal symptoms of this change upon us this year. I can tell you no-one is immune from these energies and they will manifest for everyone slightly differently. 

Should you require assistance navigating this time we at CarmenSmith.Org are here to help.