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About Us

Awaken to a Life Full of Purpose and Possibility

We have created a conscious, like-minded community of love, support and empowerment through the practice of yoga, meditation and intuitive healing. We’d love you to come join us.

The goal of our yoga classes is to assist our clients to reconnect with themselves so that they’re best placed to tap into their own wisdom, joy, love and harmony.

Our yoga teachers, intuitive healers, and meditation teachers are all here to help you with their own specialist skills. We know what’s possible through the practice of yoga, meditation, and intuitive healing and hope to share the gifts and potential with you.

Our beliefs inform and guide our teachings and practices at Carmen Smith.Org.

You are deserving of a full, whole, beautiful life

We can help you find a restorative and therapeutic path to peace, health and happiness. We believe in the power within us – that armed with the right tools and support, we all have an extraordinary ability to lead a fulfilling and amazing life.

Yoga and meditation for conscious parenting

As parents, we serve our children best when we are at our best. We have created a unique space for you to come to know yourself more deeply, understand your own development and journey, and receive your gifts of health and happiness with grace. When you pour from a full cup, you enable your child to learn this valuable lesson so they live their best life.

When the soul is soothed the body need not speak

Every discomfort, ache or pain is your soul speaking to you through your body. We can help you deeply listen to the voice of your soul and alleviate physical symptoms, enabling perfect harmony between body, mind and soul.

Make true our heart’s dreams

You are a powerful being who has the ability to create the life of your dreams, and the life you deserve. Becoming present through healings, yoga and meditation will help you escape the patterns of your mind and allow space to connect to the true desires of your heart.

The world deserves the full expression of who you are

Our self-care practices support you to let go of limiting self-beliefs, listen to your heart, change your mind set patterning and behaviours to evolve into the highest version of who you are.

Meet Carmen Smith

Hi there, I’m Carmen and am a bespoke spiritual healer.

In my life’s journey of seeking, I have found there is no one size fits all for healing, well, for anything really. I love to help people transform their lives whether it be through healing, teaching or mentoring. I have a health science degree so am very familiar with the workings of the human body and mind, and have completed many courses and workshops on the spiritual side, which is a good look into what’s going on behind the scenes. In my many years of teaching and healing, I have found that behind the scenes is from where all our issues arise.

My aim is to mentor people in their transformation to live inspired and peaceful lives, teach parents to raise kids who won’t have to recover from their childhood, and help transform and heal daily life and core soul issues that we may or may not be aware of, at any moment that may be going on behind the scenes.

We warmly welcome you to Carmen Smith, home of:

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